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Inspiring visits with 14 of West Virginia's 

greatest writers!


* Each writer has their own page and hour-long audio 

interview.  Click "The Writers" above, to find the pages.


* Play or download a whole 58-minute audio program, or download shorter excerpts. 


* This site makes it easy to play these writers' voices in your class or presentation.

* Each program is divided into short, downloadable audio tracks  of 3 - 12  minutes. 


* You can download the script for each program, labeled with track numbers.


* Each table of contents helps you locate tracks that interest you: readings, advice on writing, childhood memories, etc.

* The Teacher page offers ideas on ways parents and teachers can  weave these writers appropriately into your school day.

The perception of West Virginia as a literary backwater was thoroughly demolished by these programs."

~ Graffiti Weekly

These fourteen West Virginia writers have a lot of company. These are a few of many.

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